Putting labels on people, particularly oneself, can often be a futile exercise.  If I had do so however, I would describe myself as a free thinker, atheist, secularist, humanist, strong supporter of human rights, democracy and Scottish independence (and not necessarily in that order).

The McTavish blogs are about challenging perceptions and promoting debate; to raise awareness and fight bigotry of all kinds, be it based upon race, culture, creed, colour, faith or absence thereof, gender, sexuality, physical and mental ability, age, social class, or any other sub group which the public and media may portray as different, or a threat.

McTavish is about treating all human beings (and other creatures) with the respect and dignity each and every one of us deserves just for being born, and that each person should be judged only upon the content of their character alone.  It is also about speaking out against injustice and unrighteousness, wherever and whenever it may occur.  Above all, the McTavish blogs are driven by a strong and overriding sense of honour.

Some readers may occasionally read something in the McTavish blogs which make them uncomfortable, or which may even offend.  If this occurs, then good – it means it’s working.  If there are any who feel they may be deeply offended by the McTavish blogs, nobody ever asked them to come here, so I cannot be held responsible for the perceptions of others.  I offer absolutely no apologies for any offence caused.

McTavish supports the human rights of freedom of speech and expression and follows no party line.


One comment on “Aboot

  1. The first sentence of the third paragraph sounds like an endorsement of the teaching of Jesus (as opposed to the unnecessary dogmas of organised Christianity). The second sentence thereof sounds like the purpose of some of the prophets of the Old Testament. That’s the kind of atheism and humanism I like, speaking as an agnostic who is inclined to believe in God (whatever that means). More Christian than most Christians. I have shared your “Beware of a Movement that Smiles” on Facebook. How true indeed. I hope to be at the George Square rally/party this Sunday among a sizeable portion of the “losing” 45%. Thank you for your blogs. Keep up the good work!

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