3 comments on “Yochanan Gordon: A Zionist’s Answers Questioned

  1. So few people actually take the time to search out media from other countries, perhaps falling for the lie that only your own government/people are truthful and the rest of the world is going to hell because they don’t agree with your homeland security…Oh wait, I am getting my contentions confused.

    I thank you for your realistic and well written disection of what appears to be the Israeli zeitgeist these days, for I don’t know what to call it when leaders and productive members of a society embrace the killing of other humans as entertaining pest control. Israel has been doing this to the indigenous populations since al Nakba with the British/American governments approval and assistance but we are told to look the other way and that it’s not our problem.

    You sir, should have this blog read over the nightly news….but since we both know that is unlikely, I will broadcast it from my blog as well.

  2. Reblogged this on ignitioncontrol and commented:
    It’s been a generation since millions of Poles, Slavs, Russians, Gypsies and Jews were hunted down and slaughtered in Europe by the very philosophy that is controlling the Ukraine today. We are taught in school that ‘genocide’ was perpetrated on these people while many recall this period as a holocaust. Odd that the most vocal victims should turn around and do the same to another race of humans.

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